Monday, 13 November 2017 16:33

Weeds are the Healers

Gunning District Landcare hosted the Gunning Garden Weeds Workshop this weekend.

This interactive and fun workshop looked at various techniques to manage backyard weeds. Alison Elvin from Natural Capital identified and array of wild and mysterious plants participants bought in. Each participant had the opportunity to explain and discuss their individual weed situation, which often was common to several people attending.

Alison explained the role of weeds in the landscape as the healers.  They prepare bare ground for other, often what we consider more desirable, plants to move in.  Plants can also be seen as messengers. Telling us what nutrients and minerals are deficient in our soil. Explaining a story of ground than is repeatedly bared out or compacted. By observing and seeking to understand there is much information laid out in plain sight, for those who look. And many hidden benefits to weeds we can take advantage of.

Once we understand the system, we are much better place to work with it to achieve the positive outcomes we are looking for.

A very enjoyable morning!