Landcare is a community-based approach to managing and protecting our natural resources – creating more productive and sustainable farms, conserving our environment and building more cohesive and resilient communities. Landcare has helped to transform the landscape, enabling farmers, landowners and conservationists to work together at a local level on local issues.

Gunning District Landcare is open to all people with an interest in sustainable farming and healthy environments. We work towards making our farms, properties, homes and public spaces economically and environmentally sustainable. The overriding principle guiding Gunning District Landcare’s activities is that the environment and production are intertwined.

Featured Project

  • Threatened Southern Pygmy Perch Urgently Need Your Dams!
    Gunning District Landcare is calling for people to nominate suitable farm dams as refuge sites for the threatened Southern Pygmy Perch. There are only three populations of this charismatic little fish left in the wild in NSW, and two of these populations are in the Gunning area! Unfortunately, Southern Pygmy Perch is under severe threat from the voracious non-native Red Fin Perch, and we need your help to provide safe refuge before we lose them altogether. Farm dams are ideal as they are safe from predators and can be easily monitored.