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Gunning District Landcare’s projects are aimed at looking after our region's terrestrial and aquatic environments so they are productive and sustainable for stock, wildlife and people. Our core projects relate to:

  • managing pest animals, particularly foxes through our coordinated baiting program;
  • protecting threatened species and other wildlife, with a focus on the endangered Southern Pygmy Perch which has been found in our area, and;
  • establishing trees and shrubs in the local landscape, with benefits flowing to productivity and environmental values. Scientific evidence and the experience of pioneering local land managers, show that a property with around 30% of its area planted to trees can be more productive than just bare paddocks.

Gunning District Landcare has also run a successful School Holiday Program since the end of 2017. We offer engaging, enjoyable and informative activities for children and teens that build knowledge about our local environment. 

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Friday, 27 September 2019 13:36

Managing foxes in the Gunning district

Fox killing wildlife smallerThere are some 10,000 feral foxes in the wider Gunning district. They are a huge environmental and economic menace. Foxes are an invasive introduced species that cause significant harm to stock and wildlife. Not only do they kill lambs and chickens, they also spread diseases that affect all kinds of stock – including cattle - and some native animals. Foxes have caused the extinction of many native birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals; they are an on-going threat to numerous others. 

Gunning District Landcare has a proud history of fighting foxes. One of our predecessor groups, Jerrawa Creek Landcare, established the model of coordinated group baiting, which organises landholders within a local area to all bait at the same time. This has proved extremely effective at reducing fox numbers. The more people involved in a coordinated baiting program, the better. Whether you are a sheep producer, cattle producer, part-time hobby farmer, or if you have a conservation block – everyone has role to play. 

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