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Monday, 15 March 2021 09:53

Citizen scientists learn to monitor for Southern Pygmy Perch

Weekend rain did not deter a group of committed and enthusiastic citizen scientists learning how to monitor for Southern Pygmy Perch in Meadow Creek, Gunning. Associate Professor Mark Lintermans, the freshwater scientist who discovered Southern Pygmy Perch in our region in the early 2000s, conducted the training. The budding scientists learned how to safely and effectively set bait traps on Saturday (13th March) afternoon. They returned the next morning to learn how to properly 'process' the nets - measuring and carefully recording all the fish that had been caught. As this was a simple training event we did not necessarily expect to catch much, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a Mountain Galaxia, plenty of Carp Gudgeon, oodles of little native shrimp, and more. After being counted and measured, all critters were returned to the creek. Associate Professor Mark Lintermans explained the whole process extremely well, and the team is looking forward to heading out to Blakney Creek in a month's time. If Gunning District Landcare is successful in obtaining a special license to monitor the endangered Southern Pygmy Perch, then we hope to monitor local waterways once or twice a year into the future.
Thanks to everyone for your positive engagement with this training. The event was funded by the Communities Environment Program.