Wednesday, 30 October 2019 15:45

'Healthy Waterways' School Holiday Activity

On a lovely spring day in October 2019, we had Alex James from the Molonglo Conservation Group run a Waterwatch activity for children in Crookwell and Gunning. In Gunning, we started at the library where we discussed the elements that make up healthy waterways, and where Alex showed us a stuffed platypus and rakali (native water rat)! Then we headed off to Barbour Park where the children collected water samples and water life from Meadow Creek. Then everyone was heads-down, fishing out the various weird and wonderful waterbugs from the samples trays. The children were amazed how many bugs we had collected and the diversity of these creatures, from what looked to be a fairly lifeless stretch of shallow water. One of the more unusual waterbugs found on the day was a 'Messy Stick Caddis'. Alex also got out his science kit so the children could measure the turbidity, pH, and EC (electrical conductivity) of Meadow Creek. Great fun was had by all.

IMG 1878 smaller

Messy Stick Caddis, found by children in Meadow Creek