Wednesday, 21 August 2019 10:55

'Brilliant Bees' at Gunning Library

'Brilliant Bees', Gunning Library, July 2019 'Brilliant Bees', Gunning Library, July 2019

Gunning District Landcare teamed up with our friends at Upper Lachlan Landcare for our latest School Holiday Activity. Bec Klamp from Upper Shoalhaven Landcare ran the activity on 'Brilliant Bees' at Crookwell Library in the morning, and then at Gunning Library in the afternoon. We learnt about different kinds of bees, including amazing buzz polinators such as the native Blue Banded Bee; the important role of bees in the environment, particularly as pollinators; what they need to thrive, such as pollen and nectar; and some of the threats that they face. Then we got to the really fun part of making our own bee hotels and seed bombs to grow bee-friendly plants in our own gardens and paddocks. A number of talented people also made fabulous clay replicas of some native bees. Good fun was had by all - thanks to Bec, the ever-supportive Gunning Library staff (who don't even complain when we make a big mess!), and the parents who stayed at the end to help clean up.