Friday, 01 February 2019 17:28

Butterfly and Bug Experience

The Gunning Library was buzzing with delighted children, parents and grandparents at the ‘Butterfly and Bug Experience’ School Holiday Activity on 22nd January. Not even a snake spotted outside the library on the previous day put a dent in the large turnout. Young and old alike lined up for the chance to feed butterflies in a special butterfly tent, before we all got up close and personal with a range of amazing bugs. Tegan, the presenter, kept the scorpion and Australian Tarantula safely in their transparent containers while showing them around. But most other creatures – including a Spiny Leaf Insect and a Giant Rainforest Millipede – were crawling over hands and limbs of fascinated children. The hermit crabs were real characters and a big hit (with me at least!). Tegan mentioned this excellent short David Attenborough feature on a hermit crab shell exchange that is well worth watching. With the alarming decline in invertebrate (especially insect) species and numbers, this activity provided an important opportunity for children and their parents to gain some familiarity and overcome some fears of the various creepy crawlies that are critical to healthy functioning ecosystems.

A big thank you to Bianca and the Gunning Library for hosting yet another one of our School Holiday Activities. And thanks to Ellie Vivas for the great close-up shot of the butterfly.