Sunday, 05 August 2018 20:08

Ngunnawal Bush Tucker School Holiday Activity

In the last week of school holidays, an enthusiastic group of children and a handful of parents gathered in the Gunning Library to learn about Ngunnawal bush tucker from Aaron Chatfield of Greening Australia.

Over tens of thousands of years, Indigenous people in this region have acquired an intimate knowledge of the plants, animals and landscapes that sustain their lives and culture. And as we discovered, children and adults alike in the Gunning district are eager to learn about how they can identify the native foods that grow on their farms and in their gardens.

Aaron displayed and talked us through a variety of Indigenous plants and tools, before offering samples of some delicious morsels. Roasted Bulbine and Chocolate Lily roots were popular, as was the Hardenbergia tea. The Mountain Pepper had a few people hopping on the spot! The children then helped to plant out a bush tucker garden between the library and the post office – keep your eye out as the plants grow bigger through the spring. Soap from Blackwood wattle leaves helped to clean dirty hands, and there were plenty of smiles as everyone left with a Chocolate Lily to plant in their own gardens.

An extra treat on the day was the presence of Aaron’s father, Greg Chatfield. Greg was involved in the production of the excellent book ‘Ngunnawal Plant Use’, two copies of which are now in Gunning Library.

Many thanks to the Gunning Library stuff who are unfailing friendly and helpful!