Wednesday, 02 May 2018 13:55

How truly wondrous are frogs!?!?

Anke Maria Hoefer from Frogwatch ACT had us all captivated with her interesting, entertaining and interactive presentation on frogs. Around 15 children and a handful of adults learned all about frogs’ lifecycle, everything frogs need to lead healthy lives, and what we can do to help look after them.

We heard how frogs use their eyes to ‘stamp’ on the food in their mouths; how males are the singers and females are the listeners in the frog world; how desert-dwelling frogs survive years of hibernation underground; how frogs are a bit partial to eating to one another; and plenty of other fascinating facts. Anke Maria was very impressed with the level of knowledge about frogs in the room, with many young participants offering up their insights too.

After filling up on all the interesting information, we got hands on – with some plastic pull-apart frog anatomy to put back together, and some great crafty projects. All the while a live Green and Golden Bell Frog watched on from the safety of its container.

There was lots of enthusiasm for more school holiday fun – feel free to pitch in your ideas for future events!